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Demand-driven shift updates

An external system needs to update shifts in shyftplan with an increased/decreased staffing requirement


When shifts are created in shyftplan, the mandatory parameter workers holds the number of needed employees to satisfy the shift's demand.

Synchronization from an external (e.g. production planning) system makes it necessary to update this number.

Key concepts

  • Workers field in shifts holds the number of required staff

  • Update the number via PUT /api/v1/shifts/{id}

  • Take care to fill in all other fields of the object just like they were before (use GET /api/v1/shifts/{id}) or you will lose that data. Use PATCH /api/v1/shifts/{id} as an alternative - with this request, only explicitly mentioned fields are updated.

  • To find out the number of currently assigned employees in a shift, you can query GET /api/v1/staff_shifts - set the filter-field shift_id and count the results.

💡Good to know

  • Shift planners will see over- and understaffed shifts in a shift schedule (those shifts' visual representation differs from sufficiently staffed shifts).

Direction of Data Transfer

External system to shyftplan

shyftplan to external system

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Endpoint / Method


Update demand of a shift

Fill in all parameters, not just the (updated) workers field

Query demand of a shift


Query employees on a shift


Find our complete API documentation on developer.shyftplan.com